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Tips and Tricks for Costuming.

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You will need basic sewing skills and an understanding of sewing terms. No patterns are offered, just simple instructions for basic costume wardrobe items. These are just guidelines offered and nothing is set in stone. Practice on inexpensive fabric to get the fit right before you cut into anything expensive.
Disclaimer: if you mess up it's not my fault!

Of course the item can be as basic or as fancy as you want or need based on your fabric selection and the amount of embellishing you do.

Special thanks to those who helped to create and proof these tips.

Tips and Tricks for Make Up

***Coming Soon***

A discussion of what are the preferred brands of make up. Also covering the different make up situations you will encounter in your performances: Stage Productions, Restaurant Performances, House Parties, Restaurant Haflas, Festivals, Belly Grams. Will include tips on make up application, as well as illustrative photos.

Tips and Tricks for Mehndi

***Coming Soon***

Tips on design, mehndi preparation, and pictures!

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